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An automated Email Sending platform driven by Artificial intelligence Email Bot

Email Bot makes Marketing an easy venture for all its users.

Artificial Inteligence

Email Bot is the new age Marketing Bot, a tool that automates the entire process of Marketing and Sales.

The sole aim, objective and goal of Email Bot is to filter each email and increase deliverability Artificial Inteligence

Email Bot uses
AI to Filter Content and uses dedicated IPS to improve Deliverability.


Email Bot leverages and is built around state of the art technologies such as artificial intelligence

keeps a tab on Rules and stays updated to improve the tool to achieve 100% deliverability. Best Marketing Bot

Millions of Emails are send everyday

Email Bot.io

Email Bot is extremely dynamic and Customizable from user End.

Send Emails using Dedicated IPS to increase profitable. Sales Automation

Set it to automatic mode, it will Send Emails and Respond Automatically. You will reap profits while asleep.

Email Bot

It analyzes the whole content and alert incase of spam so there is no room for losses.

Get Live Notifications Report Generation

The bottom line is that Email bot serves as an artificial intelligence Bot that will assist you to make informed decisions when it comes to Marketing.

Email Bot

In Email Marketing, Rules change always. Our Team works 24X7 to make sure our servers are configured for 100% deliverability

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Email Bot

To you, every single Email Can be a sale if delivered properly. Chat Now!